The right product installed in the right place is the right solution.

We have all heard this. So what is the right solution?  It's not the same for everyone. To find what is right for you, begin by asking, "Is a lighting upgrade the right solution for my business?"

The biggest misconception we see is a business thinking upgrading to be a more energy efficient "green" company is a good thing. Other than giving you a sound byte for your marketing, it does nothing to strengthen your business. Actually, it could potentially hurt your business by tying up your credit or capital.

REDAAP was developed so you could accelerate the process of having an energy efficient building without having to “take over” the process, tap into your financial resources or redirect your internal workforce. We wanted you to be able to move forward with efficient lighting and, at the same time, be able to stay focused on your core business.

REDAAP puts your business in a stronger position by allowing you to focus on and grow your business. We use our money and expertise for the upgrade. You use your credit and capital money to grow your business, not maintain your property.

REDAAP is the right solution.

Jamison Station - Franklin, TN  Covered walkway LED lights fitted with occupancy sensors and daylight-dimmer controls to provide dim lighting during the night and brighten when homeowners appear.

Jamison Station - Franklin, TN

Covered walkway LED lights fitted with occupancy sensors and daylight-dimmer controls to provide dim lighting during the night and brighten when homeowners appear.

THe long term

REDAAP is a 5 year maintenance service using our money. This gives us a vested interest in your business. We want to see your business prosper. But we also know that not every business is a good fit for us. For this reason, not every business qualifies for REDAAP. To help qualify you, we begin with a credit check. It won't affect your credit but it does tell us more about your business.

Next we gather the hours of operation and the existing lighting to calculate your current energy usage. We use the national average for the existing lighting maintenance to calculate your in-house maintenance cost. Using the same hours of operation and the proposed commercial grade products selected, we calculate your expected energy usage. It is the delta between the old and the new that gives us the calculated savings.

There are times when we have stopped at this point. The in-house maintenance cost savings and energy savings just did not justify the expense of the upgrade. You will still have the option of doing the upgrade but it may be more than you are currently spending. 

Since REDAAP is a 5 year maintenance service, it is in our best interest to design and implement the best long term solution for your business. We are more interested in getting the right solution than you are. We don't take shortcuts on product selection or installation methods. You have the security of knowing that for the next 5 years the light levels will be just as strong and amazing as the day the lights are installed.

the lighting solution

Every business is slightly unique and merits specific consideration. A good example would be the restaurant business. An upscale restaurant is very different from a fast food restaurant. An upscale restaurant wants the customer to spend more time over a meal. They serve fewer customers and make more from each customer. Typically their lights are dimmer. Their lighting is designed to relax the customer and give them an "I am Special" feeling that brings them back again and again. Fast food restaurants are just the opposite. They make less money on each customer and rely on a higher customer turn over rate. Their lighting is designed at brighter levels to help get the customer inside, served quickly, then move to the next customer.

Retail shopping centers, office buildings, sports arenas. Any type of business you name has a specific lighting target. Remember the Super Bowl a few years ago that was delayed because some of the lighting was not working?  It was not stopped because the players couldn't see to play. It was stopped because the HD cameras could not record. Lighting for HD recording requires 200 footcandles to give us a clear picture. Too much money was on the line to continue playing football.

The lighting for each application should be designed with a specific purpose in mind. REDAAP means we look very closely at each application and each individual business to determine how the lights should serve you. We design with this specific purpose so you get the right lighting solution for you, your customers and employees.

Texas Roadhouse's distinct warm and friendly environment - illuminated with pink LED lamps

Texas Roadhouse's distinct warm and friendly environment - illuminated with pink LED lamps

AJW Warehouse - Comfort, TX   After Upgrade

AJW Warehouse - Comfort, TX

After Upgrade

the product solution

Product ratings vary greatly and can easily be misunderstood. For example, lighting can be designed and rated for residential, business, commercial, industrial, or utility use. Each is rated for different lighting usage.

The rating system is based on the estimated lifespan of the light. But it is also based on the number of hours of usage per day. For example, residential rated bulbs have an estimated 50,000 hour lifespan. They are only designed to run continuously 3-5 hours a day. This is what you commonly find in a big box store at what looks to be a great price. Installing them in a commercial setting will greatly shorten their lifespan. They are not rated to run continuously for 10-12 hours a day. Your expected 50,000 hours may turn into 50 hours of continuous use. Now the great price does not look as good. 

Commercial rated bulbs with a an estimated 50,000 hour lifespan are designed to run continuously for 12-24 hours a day. They are more expensive than residential rated bulbs. The longer lifespan more than makes up the difference in the cost.

LED lighting has product ratings everywhere between residential and utility grade. Selecting the right grade for the application is just as important as selecting the right color for the location. REDAAP means the right product will be selected to last with very low maintenance needed.