The lighting industry is geared more around new construction and major building renovation projects.  Financiers don't understand lighting upgrades without the major renovations.  It does not fall within their normal lending rules.  Those that will lend the money usually require a signed personal guarantee and three years of financials and tax returns.  Plus some form of additional collateral. And this is if you have a very strong relationship with a banker.

Traditionally, you have always relied on your favorite electrician to get your lighting upgraded.  The electrician would go to their favorite supply house for a product quote.  It is their favorite because it is usually the supply house that gives them the best credit terms to allow them to purchase the product.  The supply house quotes the lighting available on the shelf.  The electrician in turn gives you a quote based on their product pricing and best estimate of the time involved in the install.  If you thought the cost was too high, you would simply call another electrician and get a different price.  

Now the supply houses are selling whatever LEDs are sitting on the shelf.  Most of the time the LEDs the supply house carries comes from their favorite vendor.  Like the electricians, it is the supply houses favorite because the vendor is extending them the best credit terms. The problem I see is they don't understand LED lights.  What they have sitting on the shelf may not be what is best for your business.  There is not a one size fits all solution with LED lighting.

This is how lighting has been done for decades.  By sheer repetition, everyone knew what type of light they needed to install. The supply houses carry all the wire, conduit, and switchgear along with the lights.  It is not a bad thing, the supply houses are in the business of selling supplies to make money.

The electrician and the supply house are relying on you to be able to finance the purchase.  It is a purchasing house of cards built on your ability to finance the project or have cash for an outright sale. The electrician buys the product from the supply house for the install.  Depending on how fast you pay, it may be 30-60 days before he pays the supply house.  The supply house may take another 30-60 days to pay the vendor.  Now the vendor has money invested in your project for 120 days.  So why does this concern you?  It drives the price up on the products at every step of the process from manufacturing to installation.

Off the shelf LED lights are generally not satisfactory to replace your existing lights. Off the shelf installation methods don’t take your specific business operations into consideration.  And off the shelf financing solutions rarely fit your specific needs. It's hard to know who to trust and what product to install.


LED lighting is cheaper to operate than traditional lighting.  But it is more expensive to install.  This is a major issue with most companies.  They expect a quick Return on Investment (ROI) for the lighting upgrades.  Most want it paid for within 2 years at the most but that's because traditional lighting has an operating life expectancy of 3 years.  So the cycle to pay for lighting upgrades starts over every 3-5 years.  

REDAAP provides a solution to update to LED lights that most companies find hard to understand. REDAAP is a Maintenance Service program providing everything needed for the upgrade to LED lights.  Since there is not an upfront cost on the company, it is hard to understand there is not an ROI to worry about.  We use our money to buy the lights and pay for the install. We are non-brand specific so when our experts do the lighting design, you get the best available lights for your locations.

We bring the financing that allows us to deal directly with the manufacturer and the installer. We control the cost of the product by paying the manufacturer promptly.  They don't wait 6 months for their money so we get a better price.  We control the cost of the install by paying per fixture pricing with the electricians.  They get paid within 7-10 business days of invoicing us for the completed work.  This allows us to get you the correct LED lighting at a price closer in line with traditional lighting.

We want you to have the best lighting design, product selection, light levels and controls to fit your business. We will manage the installation, scheduling, rebates, and proper recycling of old fixtures. We are more concerned with product longevity than you are since future maintenance is our concern for the next five years.

All you need to do is get pre-qualified.  Our team of specialists take care of the rest.