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Capital Maintenance Saves You Money

What if REDAAP Business Efficiency program would get employees to perform 1% better and customers to spend 1% more than right now?

Your accounting department will tell you the electric bill (savings) is a very tiny portion of your company’s cost of doing business. Labor is the big ticket.

Being focused only on energy efficiency is like picking up money from the sidewalk instead of true BUSINESS EFFICIENCY.

What if the employee improvement is 2% of 5%? What if customer spending increases?

You win big.

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Take a Step Backward Before Forward

Almost without exception, building engineers and real estate portfolio managers know efficiency products like LED lighting and HVAC pay for themselves:

Lower electricity usage

Lower maintenance labor and materials

Most important is tenant satisfaction and retention

Last is employees are more comfortable and happier

If it is widely understood that efficiency upgrades make financial sense why haven’t  all CRE owners upgraded their portfolios?


MONEY! Capital budgets are hard.

Money rarely gets allocated for maintenance upgrades so lights, HVAC, parking lots, roofs, door locks, etc. often get “piece-meal” remedies as the operating budget will allow.

Capital budgets rarely get allocated to maintenance and lowering utility costs because most C-levels don’t get bonused on these operating expense line-items.

REDAAP Solution:

Holistic Approach

REDAAP covers 100% of the cost to upgrade the whole building or entire portfolio including labor and materials.

The holistic approach has many benefits not realized in the remedial approach. Overall corporate image gets upgraded. Customers enjoy the ‘new’ look and feel (spend more). Employees are happier. Utility costs go down. Maintenance staff can be outsourced. 

The holistic approach will pay for itself far beyond the energy efficiency found with new equipment. Your accounting department will tell you the electric savings is a very tiny portion of your company’s cost of doing business. Labor is the big ticket.

If employees perform 1% better and customers spend 1% more thanks to taking the holistic approach to BUSINESS EFFICIENCY instead of piece-meal energy efficiency — you will win big. What if the improvement is 2% of 5%?

REDAAP Solution:

Remedial Approach

If you’re not ready for the holistic approach, REDAAP will cover 100% of the cost to upgrade areas or specific equipment needing maintenance upgrades.

Areas like wallpack lighting, highbay lighting, individual HVAC units, replace old digital signs, etc.

Getting started is simple!

Let’s talk and see what really needs to be taken care of. A short conversation won’t take much time and won’t cost you a dime to find out if REDAAP is right for you.

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