April 6, 2018

kimble county.png

The Kimble County Courthouse near the Llano River in Junction, TX is a beautiful landmark.

Junction, located at the junction of the North Llano and South Llano river, is a terrific destination town for overnighters at the State Park and for deer hunters.

Kimble County Courthouse before LED


The construction of the Courthouse dates back to 1929. Energy efficiency was not a focus in those days and the color of the lighting was not an option.
The old fluorescent lighting inside the offices and courtrooms flickered and hummed while the exterior was painted orangish-yellow at night.

Kimble County Courthouse after LED


TEU selected 5000K LED lighting for the
exterior to revive the beauty of the building for the nighttime passersby and to enhance visibility for safety purposes. The white LED lighting selected provides an even distribution of light around the building with beautiful results. Interior lighting was upgraded to Natural White LED light for the office spaces and courtrooms. All of the old decorative Edison style bulbs were upgraded to the same color as the functional 4ft LED tubes used in the offices.
A uniform lighting color and appearance was achieved throughout the Courthouse.