It is unusually hard to keep up with events going on in the Kerrville community.

The Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce and TEU Services
have a solution:

Community Digital Message Center
at the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce and TEU Services are committed to bringing Community Announcements into the Kerrville Community for the lowest cost possible.

We are pleaseD to announce that Members Can NOW purchase A subscription.

We want events to be known and well attended.

We want our Kerrville Community to be involved and to THRIVE.

In 2019, TEU will celebrate our 10th anniversary in the LED lighting and digital sign business!

We invite you to visit our customers in Kerrville.

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We want the Kerrville Community to “Be in the Know,” and that includes knowing about your Business too.

Are you a Member?
For as little as $50/month your business will be displayed.

be recognized as a supporter of keeping the Community
“In the Know"

Kerrville thrives and grows when you do!


Relevant information is worth reading.

Out of date information is garbage.

Daily and weekly updates will be managed by the TEU team.

Community Announcements will always be current and relevant and BEAUTIFUL.

I'm here in Kerrville, let's talk:

Timothy Carpenter


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