January 8, 2018




Jamison Station is a residential HOA in downtown Historic Franklin, TN. The red brick design is both classic and reminiscent of the warehouse district. 

TEU Services was selected for the lighting upgrade based on the ability to combine energy reduction with competitive pricing while creating the desired ambiance that had been lost during the traditional lighting maintenance cycle over the past years. 




existing lighting

The before photos reveal exterior lighting of multi-color and varying intensity, depending on the age and droop of the light bulbs, not very flattering for such a beautiful structure. The metal halide fixtures in the underground parking garages were long past their prime with burned lenses and many bugs. The covered walkway lighting in the rear had cracked, aged lenses and provided a home for the many summertime insects.


lighting solution

The period correct fixtures and custom made wall sconce fixtures were preserved and retrofitted with 3000K LED lamps to enhance the beauty of the red brick. The underground parking garages and above ground parking lot fixtures were removed and replaced with 5000K LED to brighten the parking spaces and enhance color rendering. The covered walkway received new fixtures with occupancy sensor/daylight-dimmer controls to provide dim lighting during the night, but bright light when a homeowner or guest appeared. In the greenbelt, a new 25ft tall light pole with LED fixtures was installed to provide night-time illumination for the home owners who wanted to walk their dogs at night.