February 23, 2018




Founded in 2000, Venture Commercial leads the DFW area in retail brokerage.

One of the many properties they manage is the Hulen Fashion Center, a 182,069 sq. ft. neighborhood shopping center located less than a mile from Hulen Mall and home to many major tenants including Men’s Wearhouse and Chili’s Bar & Grill.




EXisting lighting

Venture buys older properties that are in need of an upgrade. The lighting of the Hulen Fashion Center was old, outdated and dark, especially in the two inside corners. There is a gym located in one of the corners and a school of dance in the other. In the wintertime with the shorter daylight hours, it became unsafe for the mothers and children going in and out in the evening.



TEU’s engineering team created three photometric designs with three levels of illumination for the parking lot, providing the customer with good, better and best lighting
options. Venture selected the best option with the brightest lighting, tripling the light levels in the parking lot and improving safety.

TEU will not just match the existing light levels but improve them when necessary.