March 9, 2018



EXisting SIGN

Garrett Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance options. With insurance lines from Nationwide, Allstate, Progressive and Liberty Mutual, this agency can easily handle the residential and commercial insurance needs of Kerrville, Texas and the surrounding areas. All their clients are served with tailored products and personalized services. For a hundred years, Garrett Insurance has demonstrated hill country hospitality at its finest. It was time to share their message with everyone driving past on Sidney Baker south.


Digital solution

Well-designed and displayed signage is seen by so many individuals on a daily basis that it remains one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise. The double-faced electronic message center provided by TEU was sized to be securely installed in the rock structure where the static sign was once mounted. Multiple campaigns can be scheduled on the provided playback system that will play dependably anytime, any day. The agency's production team can now efficiently get the word out that Garrett Insurance offers all types of insurance and that all are welcome to stop in for a cup of coffee and excellent service.

Sign looks GREAT!!!  We have been very impressed with this process.  Everyone has been very helpful, the installation was amazing & we appreciate the continued support for helping with content for the sign.
— Stephen Schmerbeck, Owner