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Digital message centers require the use of more contrasting colors than advertising materials viewed up close because readers may only have two or three seconds to view the sign. Use contrasting palettes—light text on dark backgrounds and dark text on light—to ensure readability.


Getting your viewers to act requires a simple, strong, clear message. Call to actions used on digital signage displays should be short and concise. Again you only have seconds to grab attention.

Too much information will overload and disinterest many viewers.

□ Keep your font sizes large, especially for your main messages.

□ Use font no smaller than 26 points.

□ Use no more than 4 lines of text for your message, including your business name.

□ It’s usually best to stick with sans-serif fonts such as Segoe UI.

□ Keep your words few and short. Write in phrases rather than full sentences.

□ Use active voice and action verbs.

□ Give the specifics needed to act (e.g., dates, places, phone numbers or a short URL).

One way to highlight the call to action is by using a text color different from the rest of the text.


Simple, relevant images are better than complex ones that draw the attention away from your message. Any images or icons must be clear. Printed business names are more easily seen than complex logos.