March 23, 2018




RFM Commercial actively develops office and retail properties in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Their Creekside location is a multi-tenant retail and office complex set in the heart of the booming Bulverde area. The five buildings, constructed from stone and stucco, are arranged within about 4 acres in a quiet, park-like setting, walking distance from a variety of dining and banking options. Huge live oak trees surround the beautiful metal roofed buildings, providing much needed shade on hot Hill Country days. Before the LED lighting upgrade, this made the parking lot areas extremely dark and a safety concern in the evening as the trees blocked out a significant portion of the light produced by the older, dimmer lights. 



TEU's engineering team created photometric designs to select the correct fixture type and wattage that would provide the best lighting levels at a ratio of 3.1 footcandles which is recommended for most outdoor parking lot applications. 

The customer is extremely pleased with the increased light levels and the tenants now feel safer walking to their cars in the evening.

After LED lighting upgrade

After LED lighting upgrade