CRE Experience Managers

Top companies are already well ahead of the pack in rethinking the office, creating workplace experiences, and enabling employee productivity. CoreNet’s FutureForward 2025 initiative reveals that employee experience is increasingly an important goal and needs to be thoughtfully addressed on the CRE agenda. Some believe that CRE executives will become “experience managers.”

The CoreNet Survey revealed several important trends including the following:

  • Risk management is growing in importance and impacts the entire breadth of the CRE function.
  • Large corporations are relying more on outsource partners as in-house CRE teams are becoming smaller, leaner and more focused on strategy.

Finding the right outsource partner to reduce risk and keep companies smaller, leaner and more focused is an important next step.


Meet REDAAP®, a Kerrville, Texas based company that has thrown its hat into the ring.

REDAAP® Services has a long track record installing and servicing efficiency systems; think LED Lighting, HVAC, controls and cameras. All focused on employee experience- comfort and security.

REDAAP® recently added a funding division to offer a comprehensive end to end experience for CRE executives (or “experience managers” as they may soon be known).

REDAAP® designs & engineers, funds, and performs project management through the installation and service stages of a commercial real estate upgrade. This leaves CRE executives time to focus on the core parts of their business. There is no need to hire or train maintenance staff on the equipment REDAAP® installs. The company services the installed equipment for the life of the agreement.

REDAAP® funds capital upgrades As-a-Service service. The company is a comprehensive CRE upgrade solution utilizing a Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) structure to create financial efficiency and guarantee success and service through the life of the agreement.

Funded, designed, engineered, installed and serviced for the life of the contract with no additional staff or training. What could be better? And to top it all off the REDAAP® financial structure allows the client to control the purse strings.

REDAAP® CEO Tommy Carpenter engrains in his staff that, “the customer controls the purse strings for the life of the agreement so we must focus on satisfied customers.” REDAAP® is known for quality relationships from start to finish working with some of the largest companies across the country.

While the role of the CRE executive is always changing and may move toward the “experience manager” role there are companies ahead of the curve and servicing the future.

A 21st century idea, REDAAP®.

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